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Monday, September 01, 2008

Maddux In Mirror Is Closer Than He Appears: Dodgers 5, Padres 2

Doing this by long-distance and Gameday Audio-only (and at that, only the first and ninth innings, with only my Verizon phone to keep score inbetween times), it was nonetheless heartwarming to see Greg Maddux eke out his 354th win, tying Roger Clemens on the all-time list. One more, and he stalks Kid Nichols with 361, but suchlike now seems the stuff of fantasies. Surely, it will come with another team, or not at all; the Dodgers are done with him, as is Major League Baseball, but we have seen, perhaps, the last 300 game winner to grace the game for a very long time.

The Dodgers' offense took care of business early and late, getting four runs by the third to seal Maddux's win, with even Maddux contributing an RBI.

Even though none of the Dodgers' September callups played, I'll list them here for completeness:

The guys coming off the DL are Andruw Jones, Delwyn Young and Scott Proctor. The guys being recalled are Jason Repko, Chin-lung Hu, James McDonald and, of course, Clayton Kershaw, who will pitch on Tuesday night against the Pods as if he had never left. The guy getting his contract purchased is A.J. Ellis, and there already is an open 40-man spot waiting for him to fill it. That's all, folks. Rafael Furcal and Takashi Saito might be added later, but for now, the Dodgers will start September with 33 guys.

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Randy Johnson's at 294 wins.
If he works next year, he might get six more; but he's been so injured in recent years I have to wonder about even next year.
He was really only hurt in 2007; he threw over 200 innings the three previous years. He has a 2.48 ERA and 61 strikeouts in 58 innings in the second half of this season. Overall in 2008, he's thrown 156 innings with a 108 ERA+. Seems unlikely he would retire, though certainly he's done enough to be proud of.

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