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Friday, October 03, 2008

Kevin Goldstein On Missing Bats

Kevin Goldstein talks about his simple-minded, one-number pitcher evaluation stat, the "missed bats ratio", which is (K-H-BB)/outs, and then moves on to talking about the top ten minor leaguers in this stat. On the list at #10, the Dodgers' Victor Gerate:
Stats: +14 at Low-A (77.2-61-28-103); -11 at High-A (38.1-44-14-47); MBR: 0.03

A Rule 5 minor league pick, Garate has put up gaudy strikeout numbers wherever he goes, but scouts have yet to warm to him, and it's unlikely that they ever will. He's an older, smaller version of [Reds prospect Jeremy] Horst—he's left-handed and hardly ever touches 90, but he has perhaps the most deceptive delivery in the minors, as his natural motion hides the ball behind his head and body until almost the moment of release. He should end up as a situational reliever in the future.

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