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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angels, Dodgers Lose Three Apiece In Rule 5 Draft

Per Baseball America ($), the Angels lost three players, all pitchers, in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft: Darren O'Day (to the Mets), Bobby Mosebach (to the Phillies), and Miguel Gonzales (to the Red Sox).

Neither the Dodgers nor the Angels took any players in their major league draft turns.

In the minor league portion, the Dodgers lost three: SS Francisco Lizarraga (to the Reds), OF/1B Drew Locke (to Houston), and SS Shane Justice (to Milwaukee). The Dodgers also acquired 3B Anthony Hatch from the Blue Jays.

O'Day is a case where clearly the Angels gave up on him for no apparent reason; there doesn't seem to be any shortage of 40-man slots when that roster includes guys like Rafael Rodriguez. I can understand Bobby Mosebach (IIRC he had a significant injury history); Miguel Gonzalez came off a pair of weak showings at AA, but improved by about a half a run from his previous stint at AA in 2007.

For the Dodgers, Lizarraga appears to be an eminently replaceable defense-first shortstop. Andy Locke was a 25-year-old OF/1B playing at high-A Inland Empire, and probably therefore not of much interest. I can't find anything on Justice. As to Anthony Hatch, he spent most of three years at high-A Dunedin, and would be a 24-year-old playing at AA or AAA next year (his 2008 line in 255 at-bats was .235/.289/.353; it was the first level he hadn't shown a SLG over .500 in his career, which is something.

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I'm a bit fuzzy on the Rule 5 requirements, but doesn't a guy have to be on the claiming team's 25-man roster all season, or be offered back for the claiming price? If O'Day has a torn labrum, I'm a bit skeptical that he can make the Mets' roster.
This organization is starting to lose it in terms of its evaluation of relief pitching. Gregg, Jenks, Madrigal, etc...we keep losing serviceable pitchers with no return. What's up with losing O'Day? He had a good story, held a 2.76 lifetime ERA across the minors, was a reasonable long option in the BP with an interesting sidearm delivery, and is still only 26. The front office thought Budde, Loux and Moseley more critical to protect than O'Day and Gonzalez? It seems like they're not even aware of Rule 5 anymore.
Jack -- unless he's on the DL all year.

Maxwell -- no argument in this corner.

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