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Friday, December 12, 2008

Angels Make $160M/7-Year Offer To Teixeira

ESPN's Jayson Stark reports the Angels have tendered a $160M/7 years offer to free agent Mark Teixeira, while the Red Sox have yet to bid. It's one year less than the Nationals' offer for the same money.
"Here's what I wonder," one GM said. "Let's say the Nationals' bid is $5 million higher than the Red Sox or Angels. What happens then? Scott's clients always take the most money. But if Teixeira goes to the Nationals, how does he spin it? He sure can't say it was about winning. I guess he'll have to say it's about going home. Playing the family card always works."

Maybe that going-home speech is already in the hands of Boras' speechwriters. But in the meantime, you can bet Boras will be working 28 hours a day trying to prod the Angels and Red Sox to step up and outbid the losingest team in baseball this year.

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