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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fields, Manny — Or A New Malibu Mansion? McCourts Clank Again

This is pretty unbelievable (hyperlinks in the quoted text below are all mine):
So now we know where Manny’s money went. To a new beachfront home in Malibu for Jamie McCourt. Wait, not one home.

Two of them, side by side.

For $46 million dollars.


$46 mil isn’t just garish, it’s WAY over the top, especially when Mrs. McCourt was recently quoted saying how tough times are, how the economy calls for more prudent decision-making, and that’s why the Dodgers ought to reconsider big-money investments in top-end free agents.

What hysterical hypocrisy!

Maybe I’m a home buy or two behind, but don’t the McCourts already own some giant mansion in Holmby Hills? Like some $20 million dollar palace?

Of course, that was my initial reaction, too. It's all about cash flow; in this era where jumbo mortgages are hard to come by, I wonder where they came up with the financing for that. It also bears repeating that the Dodgers != the McCourts.

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"McCourts Clamk Again. This is pretty unbeleiebable".

Rob, I have a New Years resolution for you and some journalistic advice -

Never use the word 'unbeleiable' in story about the McCourts again. You should know by now. ;-)...... and with the use of the word 'Again" implies you do know....
Kinda half-assed that one, I guess... I agree, the McCourts stretch credibility like pizza dough.

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