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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over? Angels Outright Nick Green To Add Mystery Player, Possibly Bobby Abreu

Ken Rosenthal reports the Angels have outrighted RHP Nick Green to make room for a mystery player, possibly Bobby Abreu. Green has pretty much fallen out of Baseball America's top 10 system prospects, even given promotions and other thinning factors, which doesn't speak well of his likelihood of sticking with the team. Still, this move is reminiscent of the kind of head-scratchers Bill Stoneman used to pull (releasing Bobby Jenks, for example) with prospects.

ESPN reports the deal as for one year, possibly $8M.

Update: Jonah Keri says the deal is done, no terms yet.

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Abreu = crap. If it's only one year, I suppose that's not too bad. I'd much rather they sign a guy who actually has a chance at being productive (e.g., Manny or even Adam Dunn), but not if they'd have to commit to anything more than 2 years.
Hey, I'd prefer Adam Dunn too. But no player whose three-year splits have him averaging 90+ BBs, 100+ runs and 100+ RBIs a season = crap. He's Garret Anderson with 60 more points of OBP and better legs. That's still good. There are better options out there, but Abreu still makes the Angels better.
And a one-year deal for $5 million? This deal is actually VERY good. Completely no risk. It costs us no draft picks b/c Abreu wasn't offered arbitration, and will likely net us a draft pick next off-season.

If Mike slots him into the #2 slot, where he should, Abreu will likely be the best #2 hitter the Angels have had in years.
I like Abreu; he's Garret Anderson with a bit more upside, and a lot higher OBP.
Upon further reflection, I must amend my earlier comment. Abreu is not crap; indeed, his OBP is likely to top GA's by a good .050. I doubt there's much power left, but he could easily match the 15 or so HR that he and GA both came up with last year, and with the increased OBP, it's a net gain on the offensive end. Considering that reports have the k as low as $5M (maybe $6M with incentives), and factoring in the $3M they paid Anderson to leave, they still come out ahead. Dunn would probably have been more productive, but it took $20M to land him, so this is a much better deal all things considered. Considering that the Phillies had to pony up $30M to have Raul Ibanez around till he's 39, this deal looks even better. The fact that he hits lefty also cannot be ignored.

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