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Friday, May 01, 2009

Tony Jackson Canned

In tripon's intro at BTF to a Kurt Streeter LAT story on Mannywood, he claims Tony Jackson was laid off. Does anyone have a link on this? I haven't seen anything at LA Observed, LAist, or Google News so far.

If this is true, what will the LANG and Register do for Dodgers coverage?

MSTI relays rumors originally appearing in SOSG (broken at the moment).

Update: Commenters in what appears to be his final blog post claim this was mentioned in last night's segment of the postgame Dodger Talk show.

Terrible, terrible news. Tony Jackson was invaluable. I know he just bought a house near the Dodgers new facility in Phoenix; best of luck to you, Tony.

Update 2: More evidence that Tony's been laid off: yesterday's game recap has Jill Painter's byline. Also, e-mail sent to his account bounces according to Jimmy Bramlett of LAist.

Update 3: In related commentary, two writers from the Baltimore Sun and a photographer were laid off during Wednesday's game with the Angels. They found out about the layoff by phone.

Update 4: The one I've been waiting for, Jon Weisman:

I don't think there's any doubt that individual readers has more information about the Dodgers than they did 10 years ago. Then, you had access to only game stories and notebooks published once a day; now, there is a constant stream of rich information and analysis. I think we're well past the point of relying only on the reporter in the clubhouse. Nevertheless, you still need that reporter. [emphasis mine -- RLM]
Kevin Roderick also provides a link to a scanty sportsjournalists.com discussion thread.


on a related note, did you hear three BB writers for the Baltimore Sun were let go DURING the Angels-O's games Wedneday as part of a mass (~50) layoff? The Yankees brodcast team mentioned that during the game yesterday...
Yeah, I heard that. Disgusting.

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