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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

McCourts Separate

Maybe nobody could tell after they bought two adjoining properties in Holmby Hills. (They also have two in Malibu.) No comment on a possible divorce, but if that happens, look for a replay of the John and Becky Moores divorce in San Diego that forced the former owner of the Padres to sell out to John Moorad.

And, yeah, now that I think on it, I haven't seen Jamie McCourt in front of a microphone or in her orange sweater during a Giants game lately...

Jon passes on word from Yahoo's Tim Brown that Joe Torre denied comments made by Peter Gammons about the difficulty of working with the couple:

The topic arose because of comments made earlier on Wednesday by ESPN’s Peter Gammons, who told Michael Kay on 1050 ESPN NY that he believed Torre would resign after the season: “I think life with the Dodgers is pretty much a living hell. There will be a lot that comes out in time regarding Dodgers ownership.”
Full-er story from Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News. (Via BTF.)

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did he sell to jeff moorad?
I noticed they'd been surprisingly quiet all year, and here I thought that finally their PR people had finally tied them up and gagged them both. Silly me -- to think they'd do something intelligent, but they're off onto another blunderous adventure - nice timing too!

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