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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evisceration: Angels 12, Cubs 0

Jered Weaver can come up with the occasional stinker — his May 18 implosion against Texas, for instance, or his six-run turdsicle against Oakland on June 8 — but far more often he's been the team ace, the go-to guy you want on the mound to stop a losing streak. He didn't have a skid to contend with to start the game, but did extend the Angels' little winning streak to three.

The Angels got to Ted Lilly early, with a Howie Kendrick leadoff shot setting the tone for the game. The Angels then proceeded to make it 4-0 on a Juan Rivera bases-clearing double. By the end of the day, Brandon Wood had a multi-hit game (2-for-5), and even Weaver got a hit. Torii Hunter hit a two-run jack in the sixth to make it 6-0, and the Angels just kept nicking the Cubs thereafter until they doubled the score.

Weaver, of course, was dominant, and took over the MLB lead in strikeouts, fanning eleven along the way to notching his seventh win of the season. And all this despite the wind blowing out, one of the reasons Wrigley can be among the league's most treacherous to flyball pitchers.

The Cubs' season isn't over by the calendar or the elimination numbers, but between Lou Piniella's miscues and watching the end of career Derrek Lee (and possibly end of career Aramis Ramirez log frequent flier miles on the DL), the Cubs are stuck firmly in neutral this year. Though the Angels aren't nearly the team they were two years ago, it looks like they'll at least manage to avoid that fate this year.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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