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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Angels Trade Sean O'Sullivan To Royals For Alberto Callaspo

Victor Rojas on Twitter says the Angels are also sending LHP Will Smith. This looks too much like a white flag trade; the Angels have no pitching depth, and O'Sullivan — or maybe I should say, his late start — has been a rare bright spot in a season that has needed starting pitching at seemingly every turn. He's better than either of Joe Saunders or Scott Kazmir is right now. The fact that this is getting Callaspo (hitting .275/.308/.410 as the Royals' primary third baseman) looks like they've given up on one of Brandon Wood, Kevin Frandsen, or Howie Kendrick, none of which are good news.

I just hate this trade. Hate, hate, hate it.

Update: Cot's has nothing on Callaspo's current deal, but he should be in his first year of arbitration eligibility. Bear in mind this is the same guy who the Angels sent to Arizona back in 2007 to get Jason Bulger, who hasn't exactly lit up the world with his pitching (though he does get lit up plenty).

Update 2: Au contraire, Cot's has moved him to the Angels page. He's making $460,000 this year, and I imagine is still subject to arbitration as I said above.

Update 3: Forgot to mention the third guy in this deal, Will Smith. The left-handed starter is in his third year in the minors, and has hurriedly been pressed into service all the way up to AAA as a 20-year-old. The fact that he's there says more about the Angels' needs than his abilities; he has terrible ERAs at each level, though his 5.60 ERA at Salt Lake, combined with the fact that he's spent more time there than anywhere else, says the organization has confidence in him. Pretty sure I don't like losing him, either, unimpressive strikeout rates or no.

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I agree what is wrong with using Izturis and Frandsen at third?
Izturis can't stay on the field. He's already lost two months to the DL.
I dislike this deal as well - young pitching with a fair shot at getting good for peak-age hitting with little. And if this season goes in the tank over these two weeks, I'd rather see Wood finish out the season to be sure that he doesn't have it. Maybe the skills evaluators on the Angels see things not in the stats.

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