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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jon Heyman: Lilly Gets 3 Years/$33M

Though the official release on dodgers.com is silent on the matter, Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman claims en passant that Ted Lilly has a three year/$33M deal with the Dodgers. There's also a conflicting report from MSTI that it's actually a 4/$40M deal, but I haven't seen that elsewhere.

Update: Ken Gurnick confirms the 3 year/$33M figure.

Update 2: Dylan Hernandez of the Times says that there will be no deferred money on Lilly's deal. He also has a no-trade clause during the first two years of his deal.

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I didn't say it was 4/40, just that he was completing a 4/40 deal.
Ah, okay.

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