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Friday, October 15, 2010

On The Occasion Of Kirk Gibson's Pinch-Hit Home Run In 1988

Enough. Roberto's right: many Dodger fans weren't even born at the time of Gibby's heroics. It's time for another generation's memories.

And Frank is not the man to take the team there.

More on the celebrations: Vin Scully, MLB.com via the Dodgers' official Twitter feed.

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I know it was ultimately a losing effort, but the 2004 home playoff against St Louis was the most exciting game I've ever been to, anywhere.
You mean the Jose Lima SHO?
Yep that's the one.
Oh, nice! That would have been a good one. I was at the 4+1 game ... never left the yard. Best regular season game I've ever been to in person.

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