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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers Advance: Rangers 5, Rays 1

So, a Phillies/Yanks rematch, yes?


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G-men have Lincecum, went through a tougher race, they're due, but I'll go with Phils, but hoping for SF.

Rangers have home field, & despite, the DS, that'll make the diference. They took down the Rays, so i think there's enough offsense, energy and momentum to knock off the old Yankees. Rangers remind me of the 2002 Angels, but its all about Lee v. Sabathia.

The WS will be like Rays and Phillies, so unfortunately Vlad won't get his ring.

Its really hard to envision anyone but the Phiilies - they have it all pretty much - offesnse, picthin, Home field, and experience.

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