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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

McCourt to Scotty -- Beam Me Up, There's No Intelligent Life Dow--Arrgagack!

From the transcript of Frank McCourt's interview at mlb.com:
MLB.com: What's been the most pleasant surprise?

McCourt: How quickly we feel a part of this community and how much people are rooting for us and, of course, really for the Dodgers. People seem very energized, very excited about a new era for Dodgers baseball.

Which Dodger fans has he been talking to?


MLB.com: Any final message you would like to deliver to visitors to the Dodgers' Web site?

McCourt: I want the Dodger nation to know that first and foremost I'm a fan, just like them.

Huh? Dodger nation, you mean like Red Sox Nation, the guys who haven't won a World Series since 1918?*

Edit 2: Jon at Dodger Thoughts suggests I might not be the only one questioning McCourt's veracity, if not sanity. And meantime, on the Dodger boards, more evidence the crowds might not be on Frank's side --

<Did you get a big kick out of McCourt's "Everybody Loves Me" speeches. >

Yeah, I guess he was not at the Kings hockey game when it was announced last Thursday and everyone booed.

*Special note to Bosox Becky: this is not intended as disparaging the Red Sox, but rather McCourt's poor choice of words.


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