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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Where's We Sittin' Again, Honey?

The Angels ticket office called my wife a few minutes ago to inquire if we were going to re-up our season 20-pack. Well -- why should we? On the one hand, it is a pretty good deal -- about 30% off single game prices IIRC. That said, I had a few qualms about handing over what amounts to a third of a season ticket price: That said, are we gonna re-up? I'm not sure just yet. Maybe we'll think about it, but the concensus was ten is a more manageable number, especially since we enjoy going to Dodgers games as well. Last May we were at games every single weekend, and I just don't like having an entire month's worth of weekends planned out like that. It's one reason I stopped playing D&D. That, and we're going to spring training, mainly for the Cubs, but we've scheduled our time so as to pick some of the Angels games up, as well.


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