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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Pickoff Moves

No Mascot For Dodgers

The Times says that the Dodgers won't have a mascot. The Yankees don't, and if the Dodgers wish to lay claim to being one of the great teams in baseball, they better hadn't acquire one... right? Frankly, I'm of mixed opinion about it. In the case of a mascot like the Indians' Slider, or the Phillie Phanatic, they seem a little contrived. On the other hand, the Rally Monkey's completely organic -- created on the whim of a couple video board operators, not by somebody from Central Casting. Nonetheless, the Dodgers don't need a Rally Whatever just because the boys down the 5 have one.

McCourt Stays Prez

Also in the story above, Frank McCourt will retain the title of President. One less salary to pay, I suppose, but to be fair, he's never evinced anything besides a desire to win. I just doubt his ability to pay for those wins.

Selig To Investigate Mondesi Deal

Well, how many saw this coming? Bud Selig is investigating the Mondesi deal. Quote, unquote: "Our people are taking a look at the whole situation and how it unfolded.... It needs to be looked at, and it is." That doesn't sound like they're going to do much of anything about it now, though.

Percy's Elbow

Percival had an MRI done on his elbow last night to find out about some inflammation in his pitching elbow, but says he should be back Thursday. This was the reason given for not using him last night, but it sounds like a Sciocia alibi.

Angel Preview

Tonight's game will be versus the Indians, and starter Cliff Lee. Lee's recent starts make me think he's on a roll, so anyone thinking this will be an easy game needs to be concerned that all the Angels' bats are in good working order.


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