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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Picky Pachyderm Promoters: News From Oakland

Kerry Haas of Elephants In Oakland wrote to ask why I didn't mention that blog when griping about the lack of A's coverage at Baysball. Okay, you have a sidebar link. (So where's mine, Kerry? :-) But -- that aside -- it looks like recently fired Oakland bench coach Chris Speier may have helped out the Angels more than the A's down the final week. Quoting Josh Suchon in this Oakland Tribune story:
In the Sept.25 game, Macha used Ricardo Rincon against Garret Anderson, despite Anderson being 5-for-11 lifetime against Rincon. Anderson doubled home the winning run. Macha explained after the game he had no other options, noting that Anderson was 4-for-11 against Arthur Rhodes.

In reality, Anderson was 7-for-34 (.206) against Rhodes. The information was relayed to Macha the next day. Shortly thereafter, Macha held an animated discussion with Speier. Whether Macha would have used Rhodes isn't certain, but he wanted all the information at his disposal to be accurate.

Well, that wasn't what you'd call an inSpeiered performance. (EI?) EiO also links to this Monster.com job listing from MLB.com: the A's need a new beat reporter. Not that Blez needs the money, but hey, it's a thought...

Speaking of my blogfather, Blez notes Jermaine Dye is off the books, not a surprise given his $14 million option next year -- or a $1.5 million team buyout. For the -- at most -- 26 homers a year he's produced for the A's, that just wasn't worth it.

Update, No Rest For The Weary Dep't:

  1. Kerry is a she. Sorry for the mixup.
  2. She also isn't the author of Elephants, just a "photojournalist/researcher" who helps out.
Sorry 'bout the nose-coffee thing, Kerry. I'll try harder next time...

Hmmm. This is more of a scapegoat issue with Speier. He is taking the fall for a complete lack of ability by Macha to manage anything.

Why do you refer to Blez as your "blogfather" when he does not run a blog? Not that his site is bad... It is just not a blog. It is a rehasing of mlb stories and a message board. You, on the other hand, have a blog.

On a side note, was that intentional listing the elephants in oakland site as a Giant's site?
Elephants in Oakland has been around for more than two years and as far as I know was one of the original blogs on baseball. I know it was the first A's blog and it is by far the best and contains the bext mix of opinon and statistics.

Athletics Nation isn't a blog. It's a glorified message board. There's no real content there. Just conjecture and ridiculous comments by 'readers'.

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