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Monday, October 18, 2004

Wakefield Throws Yanks A Knuckle Sandwich: Red Sox 5, Yankees 4

I love knuckleballers. Their slow, elegant butterflies defy batters -- and frequently their catchers. (Wakefield caused three passed balls tonight in one inning.) Tossing their andante, dancing pitches at only 70 mph, they can throw seemingly forever.

Tonight, Wakefield got a win. Pedro, another no-decision, though he could easily have earned a loss. You start to see Rivera's end, now. A run here, a run there, pretty soon you're talking game winners. And then Dave Roberts, again scoring the tying run, against Rivera.

The Sox will lose -- I have foreseen it. But what a glorious, brilliant battle it will be! I hope Schilling is well tomorrow. May he get to finally shut up those Yankee fans in the seats tomorrow.

ALCS Game 5 hub

I have a feeling that the Yankees may be toying with the Sox like they did at the end of the regular season. Much like the Lakers, the Yankees aren't much interested unless there is a real challenge, where they actually have SOME chance of losing.
It is hard to say that rivera is losing it - he did blow two saves in a row - but in this one he came in with a runner at third and noone out - that is a tough spot.

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