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Friday, January 13, 2006

Pickoff Moves, Waiting For the Goddamn Traffic To Ease Up Edition

Waiting for an answer to the question, "Why in the hell did we have to move the company offices to Westwood?", or for the traffic to lighten a bit... I know, I know, it's Friday night... sheesh...

Crack: It's Not Just For Matt Welch

Yeah, and you might already know that of Matt's insatiable desire. Some of us, however, aren't so lucky as to get freebie review copies, and will have to do the pre-order thingy ourselves.

Roster Notes

Baseball Prospectus's Best Rookies

Jim Baker looks at the kids without major league playing time:
Second Base

Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (36.1)
Now here’s something you don’t see every day: Kendrick has the highest projection of any second baseman in baseball including Jeff Kent (who won’t even be a second baseman anymore), Marcus Giles and Brian Roberts. You just don’t get any more ready for the bigs than that.



Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (17.5)
Eric Aybar, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (17.1)
Wood--along with Kendrick--give the Angels the keystone combo on this list which is really, really something they should be grinning about like a bunch of idiots. To have this kind of talent up the middle should make everyone in the front office do an organizational jig. Wood is only 20 and the dust has to settle on his 43-homer year at Rancho Cucamonga but both he and Aybar--who is two years older--project higher than incumbent Orlando Cabrera (13.2)

Wuzza? Did something happen where Kent got moved to first base despite the signing of Nomar Garciaparra? Does Jim Baker have the second sight, and is Nomar already injured? Feh.

I like OC, but he sure is causing a log jam at SS!
howie kendrick's PECOTA projection for this season is higher than chase utley's?
I like OC, but he sure is causing a log jam at SS!

Only if you think Eric Aybar's ready for the show. Or if the organization's too dull to play Wood at Triple A this year....
Over the years, Stoneman and company have been very conservative in promoting their minor league talent, inisting that their charges make every stop on the way up the ladder. So I expect Wood to do some time at AA Arkansas this year.
Vishal -- that's what the man say. Yow.
all right, well that's a flaw with PECOTA then. no offense to kendrick.
Vishal -- well, careful now. Any projection system is going to have trouble with any player with fewer than 1,500 professional at bats. It's partly a sample size issue, and partly an issue of just not knowing how to project players.

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