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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ned Colletti, Traitor

Ned Colletti, Traitor
I was recently alerted to the results of the Dodgers Caravan, which included this photo gallery containing none other than Ned Colletti, wearing a bit of jewelry from his Giants days. (Click on the photo to see it in larger detail.) While I don't take the Giants rivalry that seriously, it nonetheless strikes me as being astonishing that he would even consider to wear such a thing to a public relations event. On the other hand, the team's Vice President and Chairman (-woman?) has been spotted on at least two occaisions wearing an orange sweater to Giants/Dodgers home games. Ick.

At what lounge does that crooner sing the golden oldies?
What concerns me more is that the ring is the LOSERS RING. NED,The Giants lost. No one wears the losers ring.

What does it say about a guy who insists on wearing a ring that commemorates his contribution as an ASSISTANT GM to the biggest choke in WS history.

bad sign.
And the ring represents props to the Dodgers OTHER rival - that it now officially shares its L.A. with - in that it represents the Angels' historic biggest comeback in WS history.
Donkuhshane... darlin', donkuhshane... thank you for all that joy and pain...
They make rings for first loser? What a waste of metals. "We almost won"
It's never a bad thing to project an image of success and highlight your accomplishments.

The Giant sitgma is already there with him having worked for them so long, so I don't think wearing a ring isn't going to do any additional "harm".
Correction: is, not isn't
I like the previous comment. Success breeds success, so maybe our lounge act singer, is just a bottomline optimist.
John, there is no one in baseball(other than Ned) that looks at that ring and thinks success. In fact quite the opposite.
Isn't Colletti wearing the Giants ring on his "wedding ring finger?"
apropos of being jilted at the WS alter.
In Ned's defense, it looks to me like he just can't get the damned thing off. That still, however, doesn't explain why he ever even tried it on.

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