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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your Basic Vices

Update: Sure, Grant, I'm willing to help out: I hate A.J. Pierzynski.

Heh. You should see a shrink.
The least likeable team in baseball. Worse, even, than the Yankees.
The sorest winners ever. Barret has my NL MVP vote. Hell, maybe even AL MVP.
Hey guys,

Gimme a break. All I know is that Pierzynski made ANOTHER smart play, and scored from 3rd base on the sacrifice fly after taking out Barrett, who was blocking home plate without the ball. Game winning run, my frent.

Now if that was Erstad, all we'd here about is what a "gamer" is.

And we even did you guys a huge favor this week, by sweeping Oakland. Where's the love???
Erstad, simply, wouldn't do that; any Angel exhibiting consistently bad behavior is ejected from the team, c.f. Jose Guillen, and are certainly not traded for. On the White Sox, they nominate those kinds of players for awards; by now, Pierzynski is in the firmament, and his number half retired, as much for his quick thinking in last year's ALCS as for his jackasstry. Kick trainers in the nuts? Here, we'll give you three years at ten mill per.

I feel like I am arguing evolution with an ID theorist. Please explain WHAT EXACTLY DID PIERZYNSKI DO WRONG when he:

(1) ran to first base after Josh Paul rolled the ball to the mound, in Game 2 of the ALCS?

(2) scored from third base on a sac fly by knocking down Barrett, who (a) didn't even have the ball, and (b) was blocking home plate?


In each case, Pierzynski's play led to the GAME WINNING RUN.

Please provide a rational explanation.
What part of "kicked Stan Conte in the nuts, UNPROVOKED" did you not understand? What part of "unconditionally released" (despite still being owed a significant amount of money) did you not understand? What part of "Doug Eddings screwed up" do you not understand?
Even assuming, arguendo, that Eddings made a bad call, what exactly did Pierzynski do wrong??? Why is it "bad behavior" that he ran to first base???

Why is it "bad behavior" that he knocked Barrett, WHO WAS BLOCKING THE PLATE, down? (For the record, Dusty Baker said there was nothing wrong with what AJ did).

Maybe he has "acted bad" in the past. But you have no rational basis to criticize him for either of those plays.

Re: kicking a trainer in the nads, that's unsubstantiated hearsay reported in a Playboy magazine article.

Bottom line: if he was on Anaheim, you'd love him.
Read my post from the day, something you seem incapable of doing ... just like paying attention. Nobody ever said Barrett was in the right on that... just that Pierzynski has had it coming for a long time, and there are more than a few people -- including the team he used to work for, in case you didn't notice! -- who were happy to see him get it. The fact that Giants fans were pleased to see him get punched should tell you all you need to know about your hypothesis as to whether Angels fans would be cheering for him were he in that uniform.
With your help, McCovey Chronicles is now #1 on Google for "I hate A.J. Pierzynski". You have made orphans and puppies happy.

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