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Monday, June 26, 2006

No Wonder They're Paying Commissions For New Members

One of the dubious benefits of having signed up for Google News alerts is getting stuff like this across the transom. For anybody actively following the Dodgers — as opposed to merely issuing a column about the team every week or two — it would have been obvious that the Dodgers were merely betting on a current hot streak by Lucille II Ramon Martinez (.333/.393/.422 in June) and demoting the relatively slumpy Aybar down (.216/.259/.392 over that same month). More, Oscar Robles doesn't even show up on the Dodgers' depth chart; it's not like this stuff isn't published. I understand wanting to play the kids, but don't forget the Dodgers came off a couple of weeks at the end of May and the beginning of June where they went 6-8. The memories of those losses still fresh, Colletti and Little are going to ride every last streak they can.

Lucille II?

Is this an obscure reference to the now-extinct but always brilliant Arrested Development?
Apparently. I have no idea how this works, but Lucille II has now become the canonical name for Ramon Martinez on the Dodger Thoughts gameday threads.
Can you help with Cuban Missile Crisis too?
Whoosh. That was the sound of that comment going right over my head.
CMC = danys baez, no?

cuban, as in he's cuban.
missile, as in the trajectory of the shots that get launched against him.
crisis, as in how the hell do we get this guy off our team.
Thanks for that, Vishal! Another mystery of Dodger Thoughts, revealed! I swear, Jon's going to have to provide a Wiki for the argot over there pretty soon...

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