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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bart-Hole-O: Tigers 8, Angels 7

Look, when your offense cooks up seven runs, your team oughta win. While they're busy calculating the anti-Panther of the game, the surprising anther is Vlad Guerrero:

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Guerrero's scoring ninth inning GIDP squelched a men-on-the-corners, no-out Angels rally that could have at least tied the game up. Mike Napoli's three-run jack, his third straight game with a homer, goes to waste. Heck, even Howie Kendrick had a wasted triple, his only hit of the game, but still.

Vlad's screwup wasn't the only one, though; why Scioscia figured Darren Oliver should be in a close, tight game remains to be seen, though the lefty/lefty matchup seems to be at fault. If you were on the mound on this game, you shared some blame, Bart especially for giving up six runs and not making it out of the fifth.

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