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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Waiting For Dodger Blues: Astros 7, Dodgers 4

Let's take a look about that play at first base with Mark Sweeney. On the foul ball that was caught by Ausmus, Grady Little and the rest of us are stunned as Ausmus caught the ball, fired to first and Sweeney was doubled up. I'm not sure where Mark was going, and to be honest, I was just writing in the scorebook the foul ball, 'cause the runners had nowhere to go. But that's a foul ball and Sweeney's going down to second. He forgot how many outs there were — which would make him a real Dodger. And Mark Sweeney is doubled up in the ninth inning, forgetting how many outs there were.

Well, that'll go in the Dodger history books, vintage Brooklyn, and for a veteran of the caliber of Sweeney, that is a major mistake. But for the Dodgers, that is the way things are going.

— Vin Scully, in today's telecast
Brian Sabean, you are a son of a bitch. A crafty, sly son of a bitch, but a son of a bitch nonetheless.

Update: Thank you Greg Brock:

Show me on the doll where the Dodgers touched you.
Yes, exactly.

Update 2: Wait no more:

On a positive note, Mark Sweeney must finally feel like a Dodger. With two on and the Dodgers down by three in the ninth, Juan Pierre capped his 30th birthday celebration by popping up behind the plate. Sweeney, who was on first, jogged toward second as Brad Ausmus caught the last out of the game—or so Mark thought. Sadly, it was only the second out, the third coming a second later when Sweeney was doubled up at first. Maybe he was daydreaming about Barry Bonds, maybe he figured the Dodgers always have two outs, or maybe couldn't wait to get back to the clubhouse and help Pierre blow out his candles. He definitely blew out the team's candles.
Update 3: Apparently, Sweeney was avoiding the media after the game. "How did you feel after you made a boneheaded play that lost the game?"

Update 4: If murder was legal, which Dodger would you kill first?

Update 5: The funniest thing I have seen on a baseball diamond since Michael Barrett got a CS2, unassisted on Morgan Ensberg in the ninth inning of a July 1, 2004 contest that the Cubbies ultimately won 5-4 on a walkoff solo homer by Sammy Sosa. If you do something that stupid, you don't deserve to win, and the Astros didn't. They made up for it here, three years later.

Lance Berkman was the funniest part of the whole play, jumping up and down like a maniac trying to get Ausmus's attention while Shea Hillenbrand tried to wave Sweeney back to first.

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Ensberg wasn't trying to get Ausmus' attention since he's a Padre, right?

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