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Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 40 Angels, 2009 Edition

Dave Studeman didn't announce his most recent Win Shares update, so I forgot to fetch these back in January — aw, who am I kidding, I just forgot. Anyway —

1.Tim Salmon231.0
2.Garret Anderson227.3
3.Brian Downing225.0
4.Jim Fregosi222.8
5.Chuck Finley184.0
6.Bobby Grich183.8
7.Nolan Ryan147.5
8.Darin Erstad146.8
9.Vladimir Guerrero137.4
10.Wally Joyner121.0
11.Chili Davis114.6
12.Frank Tanana113.9
13.Mike Witt110.1
14.Troy Percival110.0
15.Troy Glaus104.9
16.Rod Carew102.8
17.Chone Figgins100.8
18.Jim Edmonds94.5
19.Don Baylor94.0
20.John Lackey94.0
21.Adam Kennedy93.9
22.Dick Schofield90.8
23.Mark Langston90.7
24.Dean Chance87.7
25.Doug DeCinces85.2
26.Albie Pearson84.7
27.Clyde Wright80.7
28.Jarrod Washburn80.1
29.Bob Boone78.7
30.Bobby Knoop77.9
31.Francisco Rodriguez74.5
32.Andy Messersmith74.3
33.Bengie Molina74.2
34.Rick Reichardt70.4
35.Kirk McCaskill69.3
36.Jack Howell69.1
37.Buck Rodgers68.3
38.Reggie Jackson67.4
39.Scot Shields66.8
40.Gary DiSarcina65.1

Changes from last year:



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