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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

O'Sullivan's Debut Full O'Win: Angels 8, Giants 1

Minus Torii Hunter, plus an unknown righty with hardly any (49.1 IP) innings on the mound above AA, the Angels once more battered the Giants and got a win in convincing fashion. Mike Napoli and Maicer Izturis homered; Sean Rodriguez did not, and in fact bounced into his second GIDP in as many days, which probably contributed to his early yanking for pinch-hitter Vlad Guerrero. No immediate miracles.

O'Sullivan even contributed with the bat in his debut game, reaching on a single and scoring a run on Izturis' homer. Beginner's luck?

Après O'Sullivan, Justin Speier and Jason Bulger, neither of whom gave up a run, though Bulger walked two on eight straight pitches out of the zone; it was irritating but he got out of it.

The Angels will be submitting their application to change leagues presently. Five straight wins? What team is this I'm watching, again?

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