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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"That Would Never Happen In A Hundred Years"

... except when it does:

I have no idea what game this came from; the timestamp on the YouTube page is an unhelpful November 23, 2007. The current #1 with the Braves is catcher Gregor Blanco, but he's only been a major leaguer for the last two years.

Via HH.

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Man, that is sweet. Nice pull, Rob
That's probably Henry Blanco, which puts it sometime in 2003.
Upon further investigation, that's Billy Wagner pitching to Paul Lo Duca, which makes it 2006 or 2007. Given the time stamp, and the fact that it's Martin Prado vs. Billy Wagner, I'd bet it's this game:
Holy guacamole, I've been out-geeked by my wife!
Intrigued by Mr.'s find and leveraging Ms.'s research, I pulled up the game on the MLB.TV archives. (Man, has the quality improved in two years.) Yup, that's it, at the 3:03:40 mark. The guy at the plate is actually Kelly Johnson. There's no further coverage of it, but hilarity ensues in the dialogue which follows:
A1: I tell you, our camera crew here, and our director...they're ok. Not great, not great, but...above average.
A2: They just us told you to turn your mic off.
When you say, "the guy at the plate", you mean in the first part of the video, right?
Yes, though basically I made a mistake in somehow not realizing (until just now when I checked again) that the batstand trick in the replay was performed by the prior batter, indeed Martin Prado. That's what I get for posting before showering. Props to the missus.

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