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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Most Disastrous Complete Game Ever

They don't give credit for no-hitters in losses, as I discovered subsequent to Jered Weaver's embarrassing 1-0 no-hit loss to the Dodgers*, but there oughta be some kind of award for the madness unearthed by Jay Jaffe , a story from Jim Blight's minor league career:
I did eventually get someone out, then someone else, and someone after that. At the end of nine innings, I had given up twenty-two earned runs on thirty-one hits. As far as I know, no pitcher has before or since, in the recorded history of baseball, given up two home runs to the same player in the same inning. The reason is obvious: in every case but mine, the manager removed the incompetent pitcher before such a feat became possible. In their way, my teammates understood the significance of the evening. As they filed into the clubhouse after the game, each, in turn, looked me solemnly in the face and then began to laugh uncontrollably. So did I. So did Stubby. So, I imagine, did Mo Hill. Even the prisoners must have yucked it up as they clanked back to the state prison. I was beginning to see the implications of being a natural batting-practice pitcher. I didn't suck, my catcher said, and I didn't even swill. Tonight, he said, I "chugged." For the remainder of my brief career in the minors, Chug became one of my nicknames.

*That game was not a CG or even a no-hitter, even though the opposition got no hits, but my understanding of those rules came subsequent to the game.

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When you chug, I'm sure you believe that no-one has ever chugged worse, but then there's Chan Ho Park, who gave up two grand slams in the same inning to Fernando Tatis, at Dodger Stadium, no less, on April 23, 1999.
As noted in the blog entry, that game took place less than a month after the article's publication.
Indeed it did, and serves me right for not following the links and realizing that the point had already been made. Thanks.

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