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Monday, July 06, 2009

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

What You Throw Up Depends On What You Eat

Keith Olbermann, whom I usually like, is sickened by Manny Ramirez' return to a Dodgers uniform (and I think it's fair to say you could say any major league uniform). Style Points has the obvious prescription, er, diagnosis. Thanks to Marc Normandin for the heads-up (via Facebook).

Padres Send Scott Hairston To A's

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Padres have traded OF Scott Hairston to the A's for cash considerations, minor league pitchers Ryan Webb, Craig Italiano, and a player to be named later. Hairston is making $1.5M this year, and is cheap as these things go. Hairston sported a .299/.358/.533 line in 216 plate appearances, which makes me wonder why they decided to unload him just now.

Randy Johnson Left Yesterday's Start Early, Likely Injured

He did it after swinging a bat, apparently; he only lasted three and a third innings, giving up four runs, three earned in a contest the Giants ultimately lost 7-1.

Tech: Thoughts On The iPhone, Four Days In

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I was waiting for your iPhone update. I'm firstgen, but I've found the ten buck MLB Gameday app miraculous. I'm up in the San Juan Islands at the moment, and was listening to the two Angel comebacks on a little beach off of Guemes Island, skipping stones off the water while following pitch by pitch on Gameday. Even given some of the player stat defaults, I'm surprised they got so much right on first release. Interface design is important to me. I work among Android developers at Google, and could carry the Gphone for free, but stick with my iPhone because the usability, visual design and app support are so top shelf. Still hasn't grown old to me yet.
Yeah, a former coworker of mine here had one of (the only, at the time) Android-based phone, and the Sprint network's data unreliability pushed me away. The user interface is also kinda clunky.
Earlier this year, there were reports that the iPhone would soon be coming to Verizon. While nothing official has yet been announced, I'm willing to wait it out because I simply refuse to switch to AT&T. Incidentally, I just returned from a trip to Europe, where everyone seems to have an iPhone. I have no idea whether they have a similar exclusivity deal with a service provider over there, but the phones work across countless borders.
Yeah, I heard that too, but then Verizon said they favored exclusive phone deals of the sort AT&T has with Apple, leading me to wonder why. Their attitude about their phones (you just lease them from us, they're really OUR phones) is pretty irritating.

One tethering gets going, I'll drop my Verizon data card service.
@jjackflash -- Oh, and as to the exclusivity deal -- I believe the answer is no, because the European model is far saner (i.e. you buy the phone separately from choosing a provider).
re Europe: not only that, but at least in France, cell phones seem to work everywhere...including deep down in the Metro. I had a European cell phone on this trip, and even on a train ride through the Alps, it had a signal anytime I checked.

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