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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dodgers Humiliation Week Continues: Yankees 8, Dodgers 6

After last Wednesday's catastrophe of a game, you would think the Dodgers — and maybe Joe Torre — might think a little harder about how to win ballgames. But no; Jonathan Broxton, whose talents seem to be right up there in the Hall of Very Good category, but never quite the next ethereal level, gagged up a four run lead and took the loss. Really, not quite as embarrassing as the baserunning blunders in the Angels game, but enough to make you think they don't even belong in the same breath as the top teams in either league.

Much as I want to agree with MSTI — and I think they make some good points, especially the part about Broxton being overused lately — I do think he clanks when it counts, and this is not just about him being tired. I suspect he'll be one of the first voted off the island when arbitration eligibility hits, and precisely for nights like this one.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

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