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Monday, July 21, 2008

Kip Not Feeling So Wells: Dodgers 16, Rockies 10

After an inning, the Dodgers have clobbered Rockies starter Kip Wells, who hasn't pitched in several months. So bad was his outing that he just set a franchise record, giving up eight runs while only recording a single out; the previous worst by a starter was Bret Saberhagen on August 18, 1995, when he surrendered seven runs while making only one out. Today, the only out recorded by Wells was, predictably, Andruw Jones, who struck out.

Top 2nd: The Dodgers collected another run on a pair of hits by Jeff Kent and James Loney (a double and a single respectively). 9-0 Dodgers.

Top 4th: Andruw Jones gets his first single of the game, thus dashing my hopes for a six strikeout game. Back in the third, Jeff Kent doubled with Eric Stults and Russell Martin on base, and cashed in both. Both MLB Gameday and Yahoo box are showing only Stults scored; Charlie Steiner is saying the score was 11-1 going into the frame, the Rockies' only run coming on a Matt Holliday solo homer in the bottom of the third.

Andy LaRoche drove in Jones on a single, Jones having advanced to second on a wild pitch from reliever Ryan Speier. 13-1 Dodgers. The Dodgers have yet to be blanked in any inning so far this game.

Bottom 4th: Eric Stults gave up his second run on consecutive doubles by Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Iannetta. 13-2 Dodgers. Stults is really struggling, with 74 pitches after he faced Jeff Baker, who loaded the bases with two out, bringing Matt Holliday to the plate. That's it for Stults, who gets the hook from Joe Torre.

Update, final: The Dodgers ran through their bullpen and leaked runs until it got to 16-10, with no Dodger pitcher going unscored upon. Jon's not impressed with Vin Scully's pessimism; Vinny clearly was in a grumpy mood earlier, grousing that if he were at the park, he'd be unhappy with Clint Hurdle's managing, allowing Kip Wells to start without a backup warming on account of his not having pitched in months, and especially allowing the game to get out of hand early. I understand it, and more, I feel Vinny's pain with regards to Joe Torre's ransacking the bullpen in the first game of the series. It's the most runs the Dodgers have scored in a single game all year, which is nice to see considering how the pitching has held this team together to the limited extent it has.

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