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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frank And Jamie McCourt: Now Smart As Congress!

After torturing us with new draconian parking restrictions while raising parking prices (and intimidating the wheelchair-bound, for shame), the latest news is that they want us to carpool. Our fabulous reward?
In order to accommodate as many fans as possible, the Dodgers are offering an Early Bird Parking/Carpool Special to fans that carpool (at least 4 fans per automobile) and park in Lot 15. These fans will receive a free ticket for each passenger to a future game if they arrive at Dodger Stadium at 9:30 a.m. and park in Lot 15, which is the lot located above the Think Blue sign. This offer is limited to the first 600 automobiles. Lot 15 is a special access parking lot that is only utilized during sold out games. Fans will need to enter via the Academy Gate off Academy Road across from the Police Academy between 9:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. In addition to the free ticket for a future game, fans that carpool and park in Lot 15 will have early access to Opening Day batting practice via the Left Field Pavilion. You must have tickets to Opening Day in order to participate in this special offer. Additionally, the lots on Stadium Way near the LAFD Training Facility will cost just $5.
So, they're inviting us to — Sometimes it seems that Frank 'N' Jamie are determined to try every dumb idea possible just to say they were doing something about a legitimate problem that in fact defies easy solution. This is the same attitude that got us Daylight Savings time extended by a month; it's just not helping, and what's more, it was obvious from the start that it wasn't going to help, either.

Frank admission (har): I've had my problems with the McCourts, and in fact one of the motivations of this blog was to kick them squarely in the pants when they deserved it. Their cluelessness extends to Jamie's sartorial habits, which apparently includes the wearing of orange sweaters during Giants games. The same kind of thinking has apparently gotten us a regulation game in which the entire fielded Dodger team will wear the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. Robinson was an unquestioned hero, but this is just ridiculous. Enough, already; the numbers are there for a reason. Please, in the future, I beg of you: have someone whose last name is not McCourt vet these ideas.

Update: SOSG has fun with the space-time continuum problems the 42-ness will present. "[I]magine the Padres' dismay when Bruce Bochy Bud Black has to tell the press, 'I feel like we were beaten tonight by one guy.'" Why don't the Dodgers ask smart guys like us about this stuff, huh?

Update 2: Maybe not so smart. San Diego's manager isn't Bruce Bochy, it's Bud Black.

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Speaking of dumb comments: Who doesn't like extended Daylight Savings time???

Forget the Dodgers!
i'm glad i don't know Mrs. Arte Moreno's first name.

and i don't like DST - i live in Arizona and we don't have it anyways, but you'd be amazed by NOT having it will mess with one's schedule when the rest of the country switches and you don't.

It makes sense NOT to have it in AZ too - who wants an extra hour of sun on a desert afternoon?

i do prefer being on CA time though - that's one thing i like about DST; in winter we are an hour ahead.
Let's have no time changes, ever. Let's just live our lives. Seriously - I really don't see how it's worth the trouble.
Mr. Wilson, at your stage of your prolific music career, I'm surprised you keep track of time at all anyway.

Rob, totally with you on the McCourt marketing mayhem. Someone needs to stop the idiotic ideas before they kill again. I for one know exactly where I'll be aiming when I throw my smashbox promotional lipstick.

Just posted on the inanity of the Robinson "tribute," over on SoSG. Sounds like you, JW, and I are all in accord--why doesn't anyone bother to ask us???
Was Frank not a parking lot guru in Boston? Should he not have some expertise in solving parking lot problems? As opposed, that is, to creating them.
Sounds like a Drew McCourt idea.

And BW- If not for the Blue I'd have to be a Pads fan. Or maybe a Giants fan. After all there aren't any other real baseball team in California.

And yes. I do like watching pitchers hit. I also like the urgency it places on the other eight men in the lineup. It also give me more to complain about as a fan.
I just have a couple of general questions I was hoping you guys might be able to answer.

1) What the heck is wrong with Chad Billingsley?
2) Is there any chance this Evans kid will be called up by the Halos this year?

Thanks - Todd Shriber
Todd -- no idea on either Billingsley or Evans. Evans is, I think, a longshot, because he hasn't proven he can repeat his 2006. If he can, the Angels got the steal of the decade.

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