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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Curt And Manny, Not In A Tree, Not K-I-S-S-I-N-G

In the Now It Can Be Told Dep't, Curt Schilling reveals he had a physical altercation with Manny Ramirez in 2005:
"We were in Tampa a couple of years back and it was the night Trot [Nixon] got hurt and we had an off day the next day and Manny was scheduled to have the day off that night, and Trot couldn't play.

"Manny was supposed to have an off day and he was asked to fill in for Trot because we had nobody to play and he didn't and we were in the clubhouse and it was David [Ortiz] and Manny and I and Ino [Guerrero] and the [Seth McClung] was pitching, and he was one of those guys who threw 96 miles per hour and no one could ever figure out why he wasn't better than he was and against us he'd always go out the first three innings and look like Cy Young. Of course this night he's looking like Cy Young, he punched out five or six guys in the first three innings and David looks at me and says 'Why in the hell does this guy turn into Cy Young against us?' and I said 'Hey, it just makes Manny look that much smarter, he ain't stupid, he knows what days to take off,' and Manny took offense to that and ... there was something that had to be broken up and the next day I saw Manny and it was as if the previous day never happened. One of the beautiful things about Manny."

By the way, the Red Sox won 4-1 that July 27. Waah. I generally like Curt Schilling but there are times when he comes off as a thoughtless loudmouth (his politics are especially toxic), and this is one of those times.

Roster Notes

Belated: Skip Caray, Braves Broadcaster, Passes At 68

I didn't get to hear much of him, but I always liked his son Chip when he was in the Cubs' booth.

Quotable Manny

In today's Register from a piece originated by Tony Jackson and the Daily News, but I can't find a link for it ...
Ramirez said he knew immediately he was going to like his new surroundings.

"We went out to dinner," he said. "After a game in Boston, you can't do that. You leave the ballpark and you go home. Here, you can go out in public an nobody bothers you. There were a few people who recognized me and said hello, but that was it."

And if he had gone to dinner after a game in Boston?

"Let's just leave it at that," he said.

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Schilling needs a grammar lesson. Any third grader writes better than that.
Except that that was the transcript of a WEEI radio interview.
In which case, fine, he's back to just being a standard asshole.

I generally hate Schilling, but the rest of your comments I agree with... well except for the fact that he USUALLY comes off as a thoughtless loudmouth, both with his politics and his prostelyzing.

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